Why Martial Arts

Why Martial Arts?

Why should you enroll yourself or you child into martial arts? Below are some of the most common answers to that question.

1. Increasing your confidence.
When you practice martial arts your confidence gets stronger. Once you step in the Dojo and start to realize the work that you are doing will help you in the outside world. From feeling good about yourself by doing physical exercise and loosing weight. To knowing that the hard work you are doing can help you take on any situation that you may see yourself in. As you are raising in rank it is due to the effort with it and that in return builds the confidence that you need.

2. Respect and Discipline.
You will learn to respect others and yourself. Since respect is often missing in todays society. Once you start to learn to respect others you will start to respect yourself. With the discipline that you get from the hard work you are in everyday you will become more long sighted instead of short sided. Improved focus at work and at school and the ability to know that with hard work one can accomplish anything.

3. Fun and Friendship.
With a positive atmosphere and a group setting you are bound to make friends. Classes often range in the numbers of around 30 females and males. Sharing in the events with others is not only fun but the way to make friends.

4. Self-Defense.
At Sand Hills Jiu-jitsu Dojo we have the best teachers in the area and we want to share the art of self defense with you. No matter what style you are going to learn you will know that you will be safer than when you walk in to the door that day. From kicking to punching to evasion to blocking to head butting you will know how to get yourself out a dangerous situation.

5. Developing Muscle Tone.
When training you will be developing muscles that help you not only help you move faster but help you look better. As you start to look better you will also start to feel better and in return helping you get your life together and start to live a life worth living. When doing this also your metabolism starts to go up helping you eat more while you are getting thinner and thinner.

6. Mental Toughness
When you challenge yourself to do something that you have not done before you build up your mental toughness. With that knowing that you can handle anything that comes your way (BTW it is a sort of courage). The more you come to class the more this gets built up and the more you can accomplish with you life in and outside of the dojo.

There are just a few of the benefits of coming to the Sand Hills Dojo.