The World Of Jiujitsu

The Sandhills Jiu-Jitsu Dojo Is Your Martial Arts Location.

Below are the types of martial arts that we offer here at the Dojo.

1. Jiu-Jitsu – As know as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It is a aggressive and vicious martial art. Some of the moves include biting, joint locks, eye gouging, and hard striking. If one can bring the attacker down to the ground the object is to manipulate a joint on an arm or leg until it is broke. From there it is attacks to the face till the attacker is unconscious.

2. Krav Maga – Israel’s martial art. It is a hard core art that is still taught to the armed forces of the country of Israel. It combines the art of Karate, Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing. What makes it different from other martial arts is that defense is also the attack. The object of this art is not to incapacitate but to kill. The main focus is to attack the weak points of the body and those areas are the eyes, throat and groin. Know as one of the most feared martial arts in the world.

3. Muay Thai – It is also known as the “Art of Eight Limbs”. Very brutal and very violent. It is used a lot today in MMA fighting. With this art it combines elbows, punches, knees and kicks.

4. Karate – Referred to many as the original. This art’s main focus is deflection and disabling the attacks that are coming direct toward you. When doing karate the areas of attack are the solar plexus one of the weak points to the body. If successful it knocks the wind out of the body to incapacitate him or her.

5. Judo – This Japanese art is a sport based competition. It was designed to use the opponents momentum against him and her with minimal effort. Though there are no striking type techniques taught in this class. It is possible to take down any size person no matter how big or small you are.

6. Kickboxing – The main objective of kickboxing is to disarm an attacker and this is done with speed and agility. Working to attack before the attacker can respond. Advanced kickboxers practice an art know as combat qi which is the physical conditioning of the body through the repeated damage to an area until the brain no longer receives those pain signals. Kickboxing is focused on repeated damage to the kickboxer to make the damaged areas grow back bigger, thicker and stronger. The fault though with kickboxing is that there is no attention to defense.

If any of the above types of martial arts interest you email us today and talk to Brian about setting up a time for class.

Thank you and hope to see you here soon at Sand Hills Jiu-Jitsu.


I want to say a special thanks to some friends out there. As you all know Landon was in a major accident last year and things were really rough for him and his family. When him and his lawyer went to trial against a major manufacture  he soon found out that his lawyer could not keep up with the fees and they were going to have to cut out due to money. They looked and found the litigation funding of Pravati Capital. They were back in the game and due to them Landon was able to get the surgery that he need and the rehab to get his legs back into the game. Now Landon is better than ever and we are glad to have him back!